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As immigrant yourself, your language is simple, concrete and easy for other immigrants, like me. Thanks for all your help, I truly enjoy all of it. I like the way the articles are structured.  I can say that investment in your e-book has paid off hundred-fold.

Nadia Spano- Brazil- Jul/2013

I'd just like to thank you guys for being the best newcomer-oriented guide I have ever come across. Your website and your e-book are excellent and you've always gone the extra mile to write each chapter. Now I am more familiar with Canadian lifestyle and the labor market. I would have absolutely no hesitation in moving to Ontario in a couple of months, using your guidelines and recommendations.

Mikail Stepanovic – Servia Aug/2098

I would like to thank you for this excellent e-book. I'm preparing to go to Canada as Mechanical Engineer, next year. Your guide will help me to go to Canada and to make my first (and most difficult) steps in my new country.

 Peter Dumitrescu - Romania - Jul/2012

I knew about your guide through the internet. As soon as I saw the index, I decided to buy it. I think the guide is excellent because it explains not only the fundamentals of immigration, but every single aspect related to the adaptation process in Canada. The guide offers valuable advices such as the documents you should bring with you when immigrating to Canada, the basic documents and forms you must get as soon as you arrive in Canada, how to get a job, a place to live, driving license, education for your children, health services, social insurance number, among others.     

I guess that if someone would like to know in detail how his future life would be in Canada, this guide is very helpful and should be "a must have" to read. Most of all because it is written by a successful immigrant himself, who lived every single step of the way, and tells us how he made it. We've got our permanent resident visa and we are confident to start our new life in Canada, next September. Sincerely,

  Luis F. C. - Medellin - Colombia. May/2009

I believe your guide CANADA - GUIDE for SKILLED WORKERS  (Newcomers & Future Immigrants) is the most comprehensive guide about Canada I have ever read. So far in my first year living in Ontario, I'm working in my area as Technical Drafter and I have saved hundreds of dollar only following your tips and advises. Thanks a lot for such a great book!                                    

Nestor Falconi  (Argentina) - Hamilton - ON    Jun/2012

This is to tell you that I browse your website and it is the most reliable source of information I found for skilled workers. I have read your e-book and I appreciate your effort to provide all necessary info for wisher to immigrate to Canada. I feel confident to recommend your e-book to anyone intending to apply for immigration and living in Canada as Skilled worker.          

Pavel Sulev  (Russia)- Ontario -Canada Jul/2009

I am very glad to have found your e-book. It have been very helpful to me. Now that I have read your guide I have a plan of action to my new life in Canada.

 Li Ming - Guangdong -China  Jun/2010

Thank you for your wonderful guide. You have hit the ball and run the bases with your e-book. It's a "must-have" for anybody who are thinking of coming to Canada. Good job.

 Paul Carr - New England - Jul/2009

I’m very happy with your ebook. I have my visa as skilled worker (software engineer) and I will trip with my family to Canada next spring-2008. I learned from your ebook to do professional resumes and the Canadian way to look for job. I have sent more 20 resumes to Canadian recruitment and companies (information from your e-book). Now I have 2 IT companies want to interview me as soon I arrive in Canada !.  I sincerely thank you for your information and would recommend your guide to whomever is applying for Canadian immigration visa.

Jorge Jaramillo – Bogota – Colombia,  Sep/2007

We were incredibly fortunate to find and read your e-book before to move to Canada. Facing removal from your native country is a daunting, indeed terrifying prospect. Now we are planning the next steps of our life with less worry.

Chung Lee – Hong Kong – Sep/2007

You have done really a great job. I found your e-book very comprensive, is highly detailed and professionally presented. I now know why others have written nice comments about his work

 Parz Markerian – Turkey – July/2007

As newcomer in Canada, I had no idea how to start my integration and job search. I was glad I read your e-book and now I’m in the right path. Your ebook is very helpful in simplifying and helping with the mysteries of Canadian job hunting. My wife and I are very grateful.

Vance Rubjah (India)– Brampton- Ontario Jul/2007

I highly recommend the e-book “CANADA - GUIDE for SKILLED WORKERS (Newcomers & Future Immigrants)“  to anyone who is looking for a very good Canada immigration guide.  I was looking for a book or guide to help me with my immigration process to Canada as electric engineer.  I was lucky to find this website. So if you need a great guide for skilled workers immigrating to Canada, look no further, you have come to the right place.

Greg Hllisky – Vancouver – BC  Jun/2007

The investment in your e-book has really been worthwhile. I believe the tips about “economic issues” will help to save us a lot of money in Canada, for sure.

Suzana Valdez (Chile) – Toronto – On. Jun/2007

Déjeme agradecerle infinitamente su información hasta el momento nos ha sido de mucho interés.  Es el mejor libro sobre migración que hemos leído y la verdad he visto bastantes. Llevo cerca de 8 meses arduos en investigación y recopilación de material necesario para poder estar mas seguro de esta importante decisión de migrar a otro país con mi familia. Como usted bien lo narra entran en juego muchas cosas que deben ser dejadas a un lado parar dar paso a algo nuevo...

Durante este tiempo he invertido algún dinero en e-books y cosas similares tratando de encontrar respuestas a nuestras inquietudes mas precisas sin sentir ni un mediano grado de satisfacción, cosa que habría sido mas breve si tan sólo alguien me hubiese hablado de la existencia de su libro.

Es la mejor publicación que ha caído en mis manos, es lo que buscaba en otras publicaciones, es sincero, muy asequible y realista además te ilustra bastante bien acerca de hasta los mas pequeños detalles a tener en cuenta si decides migrar a Canadá:  el aspecto económico, social, laboral y hasta "trucos" para manejar la presión familiar que debe ser algo muy pesado para el inmigrante..

Mi familia y yo le estamos muy agradecidos. Leer su guía fue fundamental para presentar la entrevista y recibir nuestra visa de residentes en Canadá, la pasada semana. Toda la información que encontramos acá, nos fue de bastante utilidad. Y estamos seguros que nos servirá muchísimo en Canadá.

Familia CASTAÑO MENESES – Medellín - Colombia - May]2007

I would like to thank you for your excellent e-book. After read your guide  my wife and I have decide to postpone our project to immigrate to Canada for two year since now. We realized that we need to improve our computer and English skills in order to have good opportunities to work in our profession as pharmacists. Our goal is to do the right process to work successfully in this country. I think you've struck a balance between being realistic, but not disheartening. Thank you for the information

 Roman Montes - Mexico - Jul/2007

Without your site and guide, I would've been really confused by all the stuff people are saying in Internet about barriers and difficulties for new skilled workers in Canada…

Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela  Mississauga – On  Aug/2007

Kudos to  your hard work. The e-book looks amazing, the information even better. It was a pleasure reading all your content and I must say I learned many new things and saved lots of money. I am definitely going to recommend your e-book. 

 Mike Peterson– Scotland May/2007

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