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Immigrate to Canada

The book has 26 Chapters, organized according with the treated subjects.



Chapter #1 - Canada - General Information

Chapter #2 - Immigration to Canada - Categories

In this section, you will find good information about geography, history, economics, demography, statistics and politics of Canada. Besides, it is exposed the theme of Canada and the different existing categories to apply for the permanent resident visa and live in this country.

Immigrate to Canada


Chapter #3 - Requirements for Skilled Workers Class (Professionals,& Technicians)

Chapter #4 - Personal Assessment for Skilled Workers - Points System

Chapter #5 - Total Cost of the Immigration Process

Chapter #6 - The Simplified  Application Process for Skilled Workers (to Get Permanent Resident Visa)

Chapter #7 - Completing Application Forms

Chapter #8 - Preparation and Document Control (Check list)

Chapter #9 - Revision and Document Presentation - Interview & Medical Exams.

Immigrating to Canada





The success of your application will depend on the care in planning, gathering, organizing and attaching to the application form the correct documents supporting each aspect of the required information.


Immigrating to Canada


Chapter #10 - Getting Ready - Trip, Arrival & Accommodation in Ontario - Canada.

Chapter #11 - First Days in Canada - Ontario (Housing, Settlement, Documents, School, etc.)

Chapter #12 - Social Security and Family Benefits - Ontario & Canada 


Chapter #13 - Living in Ontario - Economic Issues - Tips for saving your money

Moving to a country like Canada is a change that will surely bring to you new opportunities. At this stage, families experience a special happiness and expectation situation together with some uncertainty feelings regarding their future. This step will be the most important in the lives of the members of the whole family.


 It is important to take into account that the correct development of the future events could mostly depend on the information, knowledge and good judgment to take decisions, specially in the firsts weeks in Canada.


In these chapters you will find much information which will be of great help for the immigrant during his first days in Canada, and shall guide him in the actions that shall face. Although this information is based upon the experience of the author and other immigrants arrived at Toronto, Ontario, the process of arriving, establishing and starting basic activities is similar in other cities and provinces of Canada. Many details have to be taken care at the moment of preparing the luggage.


Inmigration to Canada


During the first days in Ontario, the most important matter is to get a home for your family. Take into account that to get what you need, employment included, shall be a question of having appropriate information, of organization, preparation, and most important of all, of time.


Know which are the activities that a family has to normally do in their first days in Canada, and how/where to go for help. On the other hand, with the Permanent Resident status in Canada, you and your family have the right to receive several benefits that the government provides in order to help and protect you. There are several federal, provincial and local programs to help families, especially children. Besides primary and secondary education totally free, your family has the right of receiving economic help and assistance. Know which are those benefits, how and where requesting them for your family in Toronto and Ontario Province.


We have the experience of seeing how the money taken by immigrants, product of several years of work and save, it was quickly expended in a few months in Toronto at an amazing and worrying speed. The main reason is the lack of knowledge of the prices and of a guidance as consumers of where or what are the most economic places. Besides, while you get a job and start earning Canadian money, prices of the products considered at our countries exchange rates, are in general, several times the prices we use to know, and this cause us a constant state of anxiety.


For this reason, we have made studies and analysis to know which are the cheapest and more expensive supermarkets in Toronto and Ontario. With this information, the consumer may know the prices variation within different supermarket chains in the city and will be able to save money.


Also know which are the basic expenses of an immigrant family (adults and children) in Toronto, assuming that they shall begin living in a two bedroom rented apartment. Knowing real expenses, you may forecast your resources during the first six months and you may know how much you must earn to support you and your family economically.  

Inmigration to Canada

As immigrants we know the value of the money and how hard it is to struggle to get it in our countries. For that reason we have included many RECOMMENDATIONS on looking after your money, saving and buying or expending money in articles and services you need (airplane tickets, food, furniture, insurance, rent etc) in the most economic possible way. You may save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in your process of traveling and establishing in Canada, over the coming years.




Did you know that if you and your family get a Resident Visa for Canada, there is a way of saving between 30 and 50 % in air tickets, over the commercial value of the same, and no matter the company or season of the year?


This valuable information may save you between u$s 600 to u$s 1200 in your travel to Canada, just in your airplane tickets, depending on the number of members of your family. (See Chapter 10)

NOTE: This is a clear example of how valuable can result the key information in the immigration process that you will find in our book .



Chapter #14 –  Working in Canada

Chapter #15 – PLAN to look for a Job – Actions to be taken

Chapter #16 – Resume, Cover Letters, and Job interviews

Chapter #17 -  Looking for Job - Tactics & Tips - Resources - Companies  


To find a good job in Canada shall be the basis of you’re and your family welfare your level of life shall depend, to a great extent, on the quality of the job and salary you find. On the other hand, a good job, in accordance with your personal expectations, experience and education shall be the key of your feeling of success or failure in your new life, both for you and your family.

Any job, with low salary, doing something different of your experience, below your capacities and with long working journeys to get the minimum money to cover your basic expenses could be the start of an unsatisfaction and failure feeling.

Inmigration to Canada without preparation

Thus, what is really important for you and your family is to prepare, search and get a GOOD JOB. And the most effective way of reaching this objective is to come prepared, knowing before hand the reality of the labor market and the limitations and bringing an action PLAN to follow up each step in the best possible way.

There are a lot of people already in Canada looking for a job. The majority of them are immigrants from all the regions in the word with a high level of English and working experience of all kinds. Others are many persons born in Canada, with education and experience and with no problem at all with the language.

When you are newcomer, it is logic to feel like the last in the line.  The good news are that you may also get education and learn the techniques for job searching. The key for the immigrant is learn these techniques and be competitive not only in its profession and occupation but also in the techniques to search job, including aspects as resume preparation, cover letter, interview practice, hidden market search, etc. 

In these chapters you will find the basic information needed (or where to find it) so you may focus in the right direction from the beginning of your job search. Among the valuable information in these chapters, there are the internet addresses of 60 companies very important in Canada (to whom you may send your resume), more than 40 Employment or Recruitment Organizations (many of them have open positions), 10 websites very important to search job in Ontario, Average Salary Tables for more than 50 professions and occupations in Ontario, addresses of the organisms to certify university degrees, professionals and technical associations, etc.

When you search for a job in Canada as a newcomer, the orientation during the first weeks is crucial. A wrong initial direction may be the start of a long frustration. We know the right way for Skilled Workers



Chapter #18 - Maps & Public Transportation in Toronto, Ontario & Canada

Chapter #19 - Driving Licenses in Ontario

Chapter #20 - Guide for Buying & Driving a Car in Ontario


 Learn which and know how to use modern internet tools to have in seconds any map, address and routes direction in Canada and United States. You can make your own map any time you need to travel for interviews, job research, work, tourism, etc. Your map between two points can be done by shorter distance or by shorter time (see next sample).


Inmigration to Canada

You will save money and time making and using your own maps


Having a driving license in Canada is a privilege that allows the license to drive a vehicle in any part of the country. You must carry your license to drive daily. In Canada, ONLY when you have approved driving road test and get license G-2 or G, you will be able to drive alone in your car


Inmigration to Canada


The Driver’s License is a very important identification document in Canada and which is most commonly used as ID to prove your identity. You have to update any change in the information, for example if you change your address. It is highly recommendable to obtain these documents, even if you are not thinking of buying a car or to drive one in short time.


To certify this knowledge, you must approve some exams in order to be authorized to drive a car on Canadian roads. In the driving exam  you will be evaluated for your capacity of applying driving and safety rules in the road.

You may know and prepare before hand to approve the exams and get the best possible initial level in your Drivers License (Class G)  



Chapter #21 Plan B – Immigration to Quebec

Chapter #22 General Information about Quebec

Chapter #23 First Days in Quebec



The Quebec Province has its own program to select skilled workers and professional that wants to live in this province. This Provincial Program of Immigration is different from the Federal Program of Canada. Language required is French, and accepted level is no very high. Points for language are not so relevant as in the Federal of Canada.



Chapter #24 Frequent questions and Answers (FQA)


Chapter #25 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Things of Living in Canada

-          The GOOD of living in Canada

-          The BAD of living in Canada

-          The UGLY of living in Canada

-          The 21 more frequent mistakes immigrants make.

-          13 Beliefs and Realities about the life in Canada (Myth and Reality)

Chapter #26 - Main Websites & Links about Canada  (Bibliography)

To give you an accurate idea of the reality to help you TAKING A DECISION, we made a critical and deep analysis of the different aspects of the life in Canada.  Although it is true that Canada offers a lot of positive alternatives to the Professionals and skilled workers, there are other aspects, (not so positive), that you MUST KNOW before coming or taking a final decision.

Inmigration to Canada

You will find many internet sites with descriptions of the natural beauty of Canada, its richness, its standard of life, its economy, its political stability, etc. Canadian government websites and of many other organizations show lots of good and positive things about the country.  BUT THEY ONLY SHOW THE POSITIVE THINGS.

 What about the unpleasant things that for sure are waiting for you in Canada?

You will hardly find objective information, showing also the bad and ugly things that immigrants have to face when they arrive to this country.  Based on our premise of helping the future immigrants, we consider our duty to show not only "the good", but also what we consider ugly and bad from an immigrant point of view in this country.

Last, you will find a list of “The 21 more frequent mistakes” made by immigrants to Canada, with the purpose of preventing the reader so as not make them by ignorance or lack of prevention.


Inmigration to Canada


As a potential immigrant, you must have the best possible information about the way that you will run.  And the best way of preparing yourself is learning from the experience and real knowledge of other immigrants who have succeeded before!!


If you choose the uncertain path of coming without a plan based in real information and experiences,  get ready for the worst !!

One of the greatest satisfactions that I have during my last 10 years living in Canada is the opportunity I had of helping many people with my advice and experience. My mission is helping other families with the application proceedings to get their Permanent Resident Visas without further problems, and then helping in their smooth "landing" in Canada.  I have also helped many people with my information, showing them the best available way to Canada, especially in the not very easy task of getting a job related with each ones interests and education.  It is not easy in any part of the world to get a technical or professional job, neither in Canada. But you must know that there is a process that you have to follow in order to be effective in your search, in the presentation of your resume, as well as to have successful interviews.

Of course, to get an acceptable or good job depends on the capacities and preparation of each person, and of other external factors that I will not mention right now. With a good guide and much dedication, many professionals and  workers from your country get a good job in less 6 months. You can get a not very qualified job in a week or less, but an immigrant can stay years in that position, if he doesn’t train himself or learn how to get out from that situation.

I guess what your are thinking right now…..if he wants to help people as he has been doing until now, why doesn’t he publish the complete version of this book FREE in INTERNET, helping thousands of persons no only to easily obtain their Permanent Resident Visa, but also to establish and guide them to save money and find job in Canada?

Well, I have two important reasons for not publishing this book for free:

1. Nobody wants to see thousands of persons fighting each week at the front of the Canadian embassy building in their country, asking for the visa to live in Canada. If everybody knows the immigration process and keys to successfully establish and live in Canada, thousands, even millions of engineers, professional and technicians from all over the world would try to apply for the visa to live here. The Canadian Immigration System is prepared for a total of 250.000 immigrants per year during the next 5 years, from all over the world.

2. The second reason for not publishing our book FREELY is that I am a traditional and old fashion man, as my father was. And I believe that if you have a valuable product or service (knowledge and information in this case), for which you have worked hard, it is reasonable to protect its value. I know by experience that, once you give something for FREE, it loose its value. I have been working hard several years to write this book with the purpose of rendering a service to people who know its value and appreciate its contents. And I am sure that thousands of immigrant’s families to Canada will be able to avoid unpleasant and expensive mistakes, and they will have a best future knowing these keys.


We have experienced and studied the way, now is your turn to use this knowledge and avoid bumping into the obstacles that we have already found.



CANADA – Immigration and Settlement

Guide for Skilled Workers


Visas Canada- emigracion y residencia


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